Motor Carriers Need Help with Unexpected Turns

Our staff of experienced Adjusters is available 24/7 for Immediate Response for every accident. We offer on scene updates and up to the minute current information provided to our clients.

Our team of experienced adjusters and investigators understand the liability risks facing Motor Carriers in the transportation industry. We are committed to completing every assignment immediately.

Our adjusters remain in constant communication with the client as additional information develops. This is essential for the correct assessment of liability that will be made.

We follow our client instructions. In doing so we may:

  • Obtain a detailed interview with the insured driver (not recorded)
  • Driver assist
  • Photograph of the insured vehicle
  • Photograph and diagram of the accident scene
  • Canvas the accident scene where appropriate
  • Obtain statements of claimant and passengers
  • Photograph and/or appraise physical damage of claimant vehicle
  • Interview the investigating officer
  • Obtain witness statements
  • Determine the presence of video surveillance of the area
  • Secure the police report
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